Money Matters

Loans, finance, grants and cash flow tips for artists.

Art Business Models: Pros & Cons

How you sell your art has a lot to do with the amount and way you get paid. There are trade-offs with every business model, though.

Are Consignment Galleries the Answer?

Going into a consignment arrangement with a plan and an informed mindset will help you get the most out of the experience.

Make Your Studio More Efficient

Rather than trying to do everything yourself, it makes good financial sense to hand over some of the work to others.

ABI Announces Wholesale Academy

This e-course is self-paced, so that you can start whenever you like and proceed according to your own schedule.

Credit Card Etiquette for Wholesalers

Paying wholesale invoices by credit card is very popular. As the vendor, you get paid right away, and don’t have to worry about collections.

Spread Your Price Points to Gain New Collectors

Here’s another reason that a price point spread matters: the very same customer may be willing to pay a lot more for your work for certain reasons.

Pricing Strategies Course Announced

The Arts Business Institute presents a new online pricing course co-sponsored by F+W Publications.

Shop Small

The shop local movement is powerful, appealing to many consumers who want to keep money in their communities and cities.

What’s Your Artist Myth?

Do you want a piece of the multi-billion dollar market in art and handmade goods? Stake your claim.

“Starving Artist” is a State of Mind

Gaining traction and building your small business is largely about attitude and using smart strategies to distinguish your work and know where you’re going.