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Everybody Hates to Pay Shipping. Make That Work for You.

Shipping charges – ugh. They are expensive and we all hate to deal with them. Here are some strategies that remove shipping as a barrier to making a purchase.

Spread Your Price Points

You may also want to sell work that is more expensive or less expensive to pull in other customers who could be interested in your work.

What is Your Customer Acquisition Cost?

Making a “cold” sale every time is expensive, whereas existing customers are much easier to close.

Are You Ready to Hire Help for Your Art Business?

Hiring help for your business can be advantageous in overcoming the isolation that many artists feel when they work alone in their studios.

Crowdfunding a Trade Show Booth

Kickstarter has tutorials on how to create a solid fundraising campaign. Rowan suggests researching other people’s projects for good ideas so that you can create your own appealing campaign.

What’s Better for Your Art Business – Wholesale or Retail Shows?

Quite often, a blend of retail and wholesale works to accentuate the positive aspects of each method of selling.

Dealing with Returns

It’s a great way to build confidence in new buyers and offer them peace of mind that your stand by your work – and can really boost new opening orders.

10 Ways Artists Can Save Money on Shipping Costs

It’s always a good idea to compare rates between USPS, Fedex and UPS or other shippers until you get a good idea of the best rates for the typical packages that your business is shipping.

Why You Need to Know CERF+

One of the most important functions that CERF+ performs is helping craft artists recover after a loss or career-threatening emergency.

10 Essentials for Launching and Growing Your Art Business

It can be confusing and frustrating trying to be successful if you don’t get organized and start thinking like a businessperson as well as a creative spirit.