Money Matters

Loans, finance, grants and cash flow tips for artists.

Where’s The Money?

People who diversify become more secure, as they have income sources which can fill in holes in the calendar year, or cover expenses when other sources dry up.

Artists in a Transitional World

Artists are learning to embrace a new, transitional economy and business model, while becoming more independent and self-determined than ever.     What’s changing in the world of art business these days? A better question to ask is “what’s not changing?” If you aren’t acknowledging the quick pace of change and keeping up, you may […]

Why They Buy

What’s growing in importance to shoppers today? Spending and supporting local businesses. As our world grows more and more global, we all need that connection to home.

Art Consignment is Unhealthy for Your Business

They are asking you to take a huge risk on an arrangement that leaves you out of control, while they take no risk and are in control – plus they have possession of your merchandise.