What You Can Learn from Your Competition

Other artists and makers who are in the same “space” in the market have run into similar problems, and many have found solutions and ways to grow.

See and Be Seen

As frustrating as it may seem, making art or handmade work is only half of the equation. You simply cannot “make it and they will come.”

A Critical Strategy to Grow Your Creative Business

One of the most critical strategies success in building a small business is developing a network of people who are supportive of you, interested in what you do and who can introduce you to others.

How Your Art Community Can Work for You

Gather with artists and others in the community to broaden your knowledge, and learn about resources that can grow your small business much more quickly than working alone

Build Your Business by Building Your Network

One part of networking is helping others; the other part is receiving their assistance

How to Keep Your Sales Steady

It takes between 7 – 10 “touches” for people to remember you. You have to make contact to make sales.

Why Artists Fail in Business

If you haven’t got goals and direction for your business, you can’t create a roadmap to get there.

Build Your Artist Network

An attitude of creating a “win” for everyone involved is a great model on which to base your business. Effectively networkers think this way.

Build Your Business Relationships

Meeting your customer in person puts a face on your relationships. This is why artist appearances, retail and wholesale shows are so important.

LinkedIn Tips for Artists

LinkedIn.com is the network for serious professionals, and has a lot of potential for artists who are building their businesses.