Facebook Tips for Artists

Post on your Facebook page every day, and your customers (and prospects) will become more familiar with you.

Twitter Tips for Artists

Twitter is one of the most popular ways to connect, and it’s easy to get started. Use these tips to make your experience with Twitter fun and more effective.

50 Ways to Promote and Sell Your Art or Craft

Got Art? Share it with the World! Here’s How:

Artists Spamming? Oh, No!

Yes, it’s true – we uncovered a few (not-to-be-named) artists doing shady things out there to get web traffic and attention.

How’s Your Art Website Working?

What grade does your website get overall, and how can you make it even better?

Pinterest Tips for Artists

This social media platform lets you grow your network like branches on a tree, and isn’t “linear” like Facebook or Twitter.

Finding a Fashionable Niche

My fans are women and men who just adore shoes – that’s the best way I can describe it. They love what I’m doing because I represent the shoe in a way that can last forever in their home.

Pinterest Poll

The jury may still be out, but Pinterest is fun and addictive. It’s fascinating to see how this young company will evolve, how they will become profitable.