Do You Take Breaks from Your Art Business?

Is your art business a primary focus, every day? Or do you take vacation days to get away and recharge?     Recently, the Boston Globe printed an article about the growing trend of Millenials working every day, even when on vacation. This behavior has grown in the last few years, and stems from a […]

Jumping Into Business with Both Feet

There is an upside to jumping in with both feet; an immediacy to the experience,with intense involvement and commitment necessary.

Smart Strategy: In Situ Photos

Photos that show your work in situ also share the scale and impact of the art.

Share the Details

Quite frequently, photos of your work give an overview, but fail to capture those small textures, colors and surfaces incorporated into each piece.

Gallery Relationships 101

Evaluate the relationships you have with your current customer base, and consider ways that you might reach out to make your partnerships even stronger.

Plan a Profitable Holiday Sale

If you want your holiday sale event to be remembered and marked on calendars, reach out to your audience on a repetitive basis.

What’s the Most Effective Art Marketing Method?

The proven way to communicate over time most effectively is through sending email.

Telling Your Artist Story – Part Two

What is really compelling about what you do? Gauge the response and see what leads to further interest in your work.

Telling Your Artist Story – Part One

But other people want to know about you and about your work. Artists are very interesting to the general public.

Earn Your Customers’ Love and Loyalty

Nothing says you care like a speedy reply to a query or issue, either through email or a phone call.