How to Provide Outrageously Good Customer Service

Customer service is actually an investment in your business, because your existing customer base is your source for repeat business and referrals.

Where’s The Money?

People who diversify become more secure, as they have income sources which can fill in holes in the calendar year, or cover expenses when other sources dry up.

New Year’s Resolutions for Artists

The end of the year is almost upon us; a good time to review what happened in 2011 and what we plan for our businesses in 2012. Some artist friends share their New Year’s resolutions.

Artist as Brand

Your brand is also about the philosophy, practices, values and integrity of your business. It conveys a thoughtful, pulled-together, mature business. It includes your customer service, your packaging, your pricing, your exclusivity.

Developing a Dynamic Product Line

A signature style and a cohesive body of work are necessary for marketing and connecting with buyer of all types.

How to Qualify Your Customers

Experienced salespeople in every industry (and that includes artists and craftspeople) know that in order to start the sales process, it’s necessary to “qualify” the prospect first. This means gathering information which tells you whether they are in the position to do business with you.

Why They Buy

What’s growing in importance to shoppers today? Spending and supporting local businesses. As our world grows more and more global, we all need that connection to home.

Why Artists Need Mentors – and How to Find One

Two incredibly important factors really determine the success of creative entrepreneurs – surrounding themselves with a supportive community and finding a mentor.

Plan a Wildly Successful Open Studio Event or Arts Walk

Event promotion has come a long way from mailing postcards and plastering paper flyers all over town. There are many other ways to get out the word and make your event a smashing success. Many of them are free.