Hobbyists and Mass Producers Don’t Matter (unless you let them)

When you stop being concerned about what everyone else is doing, you can focus your energy on your highest priorities.

Ask the Expert: How Do I Get It All Done?

If you are constantly struggling to “get it all done,” there are probably some critical core activities you need to incorporate into your business.

Selling Art on Greeting Cards

We spoke with three artists who design greeting card lines to sell their creative work. Each shares her concept and experience.

Why Your Art Website is Underperforming

Is your art website not performing as well as it could? You may have one of the following problems:

Is your Fine Art Under or Over-Priced?

It’s important to get started with base prices for your work which are in the correct range.

Embrace Fear to Grow Your Art Business

One basic fear involves getting out in front of people to show your work and talk about what you do.

Pros & Cons of Selling on Third Party Websites

Many times artists feel that although they have started out displaying their work on a third-party site, they have outgrown it.

Develop a Vision for Your Art Business

Ultimately, the vision that you have for yourself as an artist should reflect what truly makes you happy.

Plan Your Next Product Release

You must plan to design and produce new items on a regular basis throughout the year.

How Trunk Shows Can Grow Your Handmade Business

A trunk show is an event where you as the artist or designer make an appearance at a gallery or a retail store and sell your work directly to shoppers who attend.