8 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

Your email list is permission-based, meaning that people agree to allow you to contact them about your art or handmade work.

Spread Your Price Points to Gain New Collectors

Here’s another reason that a price point spread matters: the very same customer may be willing to pay a lot more for your work for certain reasons.

Writing Your Life Story

Choose to spend your time and energy on things that bring you joy.

Pre-Show Marketing Tips

Even if you are not a new exhibitor at the trade show event, you can get on a buyer’s “hot list” by promoting your work ahead of time and inviting show goers to visit your booth.

Your Power as an Entrepreneur

You have an enormous amount of power as a business owner, including the right to say “No” to those things that don’t work for you.

Taking Artist Promotion to the Next Level

Currently, plans are in place for Colour In Your Life to film six artists in California, but the crew will be back in the United States next year to do mor

Are You Selling Out?

Have you felt stuck between creating what makes you happy and what customers want to buy?

Podcast: Enviable Life of the Working Artist

“The Enviable Lifestyle of the Working Artist” is a 40 minute long, wide-ranging discussion on the challenges of making a living today as a creative entrepreneur.

How to Sell Your Art with Print-on-Demand

Print-on-Demand providers accept and process orders, print images on products, and ship to the purchaser.

What’s Your Artist Myth?

Do you want a piece of the multi-billion dollar market in art and handmade goods? Stake your claim.