How to Display Your Handmade Work for Maximum Sales

Have a spectacular piece of high-end work that is perfect as the center of attention? Create a display using it as the star, but with lower-end items around it.

Display Tips for Your Next Art Show

An overcrowded display is confusing, and can make your work look like commodity items, cheapening them.

Is Your Booth Display Good Enough?

Before you leave for the show, set your booth up first and take a look.

Booth Lighting that Works

When designing and setting up a trade show booth, there is little that is more important than including light in your presentation.

10 Ways to Make Your Booth Trade Show Ready

Give some breathing space to your art so that booth visitors can see it clearly, without too much distraction.

4 Art Business Killers You Must Avoid

Want to foray into the world of selling wholesale and become a smashing success? Avoid these major mistakes that can take your art business from dream to disaster.

10 Tips for Merchandising

You will sell more when you display items accessibly, and encourage both retail customers and wholesale buyers to handle the merchandise.

6 Booth Display Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Show

Show season is upon us, and artists everywhere are planning their booth displays. Make sure you don’t make any of these major mistakes:

Make Your Booth a Gallery

Both of these trade show booths elegantly allow the art to stand out without distraction or interference from background colors.

Very Fine Booth Design

Display your art or fine craft at different levels in your booth for a smart and effective presentation.