Marketing to Wholesale Customers

Marketing is an activity that never ends. It prepares you for future sales by publicizing and promoting your line to buyers on an ongoing basis.

How One Artist Built a Successful Wholesale Business

What sets me apart from my competition is that I have become a multi-media brand.

Plan Your Trade Show Marketing Schedule

Stay in touch on an ongoing basis through direct mail, email, social media and phone calls.

Pre-Show Marketing Tips

Even if you are not a new exhibitor at the trade show event, you can get on a buyer’s “hot list” by promoting your work ahead of time and inviting show goers to visit your booth.

Niche Markets in the New Economy

Trade shows, conventions and other opportunities exist for specialty items that appeal to the core audience for these markets.

New Opportunity to Wholesale Handmade in Dallas

Artists who wholesale their collections have a new market opportunity as the American Made Show offers space in a new section of the Dallas Gift Market for handmade work.

What is the Value of a New Account?

Some accounts are clearly more valuable than others, and it can make a difference where they come from.

Booth Lighting that Works

When designing and setting up a trade show booth, there is little that is more important than including light in your presentation.

Why Pre-Show Marketing Matters

Contact your existing accounts and hot prospects through email, social media, direct mail and by phone to grab their attention.

Sales Aids for Trade Shows

All of these materials can assist you in bring your work to the attention of buyers and giving them information about yourself and your l