Trade Show Prep: Signage

Share exactly what your collection is about by making a statement with your signage.

Why Wholesaling Works

Wholesaling works because it is based on repeat business. This is the engine that builds your business, and that leverages your time.

Trade Show Strategies: Prepare your Checklist

Check these planning items off your list before you head out to your next trade show.

Trade Show Strategies: Setting Goals

Goal-setting and planning by using these activities allow you to highly focus on what you want to achieve, and put yourself in a position to reach them.

Trade Show Strategies: Pre-Show Marketing

Are you exhibiting at trade shows this year? Boost your opportunities and sales with these marketing strategies that reach out in advance of the event:

10 Ways to Make Your Booth Trade Show Ready

Give some breathing space to your art so that booth visitors can see it clearly, without too much distraction.

Dress for Trade Show Success

If you’re unsure what to wear, considering dressing like your buyers.

Exhibitor-Friendly Wholesaling

My best advice is twofold: (1) create a budget that includes a comprehensive marketing plan (pre-show, at-show and post-show) and (2) have realistic expectations.

4 Art Business Killers You Must Avoid

Want to foray into the world of selling wholesale and become a smashing success? Avoid these major mistakes that can take your art business from dream to disaster.

10 Tips for Merchandising

You will sell more when you display items accessibly, and encourage both retail customers and wholesale buyers to handle the merchandise.