Why Selling Wholesale is a Solid Working Model for Artists

Stabilize your small business with lower risk and strong gallery relationships.

The Selling Touch

Emotions are a huge part of the purchasing decision. The senses are a direct line to those emotions, and help you convey why your work is so special.

How to Pick the Right Flooring for Your Booth

Wearing sensible shoes is a must, but standing up and walking all day can be exhausting and wearing on joints and hips.

Checklist for Wholesale Show Success

The average sale is closed after five contacts with the prospect. Make a plan to take advantage of sales opportunities long after your wholesale trade show.

How to Get Juried In: Retail and Wholesale Shows

Your job is to submit such an impressive package that you are a “must-have” for the show.

Many Reasons to Join a Guild

If you are just starting out, becoming a guild member can give you the help you need to overcome initial challenges and grow your business.

Advice from a Media Strategist

Once a business has grown sufficiently, trade exhibitions offer an excellent way to really build up your client base – both UK and overseas – and get to know people in your industry.

Press Kits with the “Wow Factor”

When you attend a trade show, are you preparing press kits? If you are like 90% of artists, craftspeople and creative entrepreneurs who exhibit, you are not bothering to do so.

What’s Better for Your Art Business – Wholesale or Retail Shows?

Quite often, a blend of retail and wholesale works to accentuate the positive aspects of each method of selling.

The State of Wholesale Crafts: A Show Director Speaks

Customers are seeking products with substance and a high perceived value. We want heirlooms, not just stuff.