Jumping Into Business with Both Feet

There is an upside to jumping in with both feet; an immediacy to the experience,with intense involvement and commitment necessary.

Smart Strategy: In Situ Photos

Photos that show your work in situ also share the scale and impact of the art.

Share the Details

Quite frequently, photos of your work give an overview, but fail to capture those small textures, colors and surfaces incorporated into each piece.

Build Your Customer Prospect List

Want to sell your work wholesale to galleries and shops? Here’s how to create a list of suitable prospects.

Gallery Relationships 101

Evaluate the relationships you have with your current customer base, and consider ways that you might reach out to make your partnerships even stronger.

Strengthening Artists and Local Communities

In 2009, the Maine Crafts Association began to honor individual Maine craft artists each year by awarding Master Crafts Artist recognition for a body of work that is exceptional

Plan a Profitable Holiday Sale

If you want your holiday sale event to be remembered and marked on calendars, reach out to your audience on a repetitive basis.

How to Start an Email Marketing Program

Your list is permission-based, meaning that others agree to receive updates from you about your work.

Keep Your Marketing Machine Going

There are naturally slow periods for all businesses, when you know that sales are rarely made.

Connect with Your Customer

Shoppers are interested in themselves most of all, so you will need to speak about your work as it relates to them.