How an Artist Embraced Her Business Side

She understands the value of these customers because of the great potential of repeat orders and long-term potential of lasting business relationships.

The Value of Your Customer Base

You might think it’s your studio equipment or perhaps your inventory, but the truth is that your customer base is one of the most important and often the most valuable asset you have.

Are You Losing Sales Opportunities?

Before you do another show, make sure you are prepared to offer the best customer service possible to your customers, and maximize sales at the event as well as afterwards.

6 Ways to Increase Business with Your Existing Gallery Accounts

When your work sells well, these additional pieces might just belong in their store, too.

The Benefits of Wholesaling

Your stable of wholesale accounts is one of the biggest assets of your small business.

Improve Your Sales Skills at Retail Fairs

To be a good salesperson of your art, you need to be able to speak about it. Your work is a visual presentation, and you deliver the spoken one.

10 Mistakes that Stop Your Creative Business in its Tracks

Throwing yourself out there means that you are taking a risk. But the biggest risk of all is not even starting.

How Do You Define Success?

What do you ultimately want to do as an artist? What does that look like, on an everyday basis?

Are Your Prices Too Low?

If you aren’t covering your bases, you are either losing money or have no room to grow.

10 Things to Do When Your Art Business is Slow

How can you make the best use of slow periods in your art business? Here are 10 ways to get value from the downtime.