Keys to a Successful Wholesale Website

Want to wholesale your handmade collection? Then you must have a website to promote it.

Diversify Your Account Base for More Business Stability

The larger your account base, the more stable your own small business will be.

How to Help Retailers Increase their Sell-Through

Repeat business is what grows your business. In order for that to happen, the merchandise you shipped in that opening order has to sell well for the retailer.

Advice from a Successful Production Artist

Matt keeps a production calendar. He knows his monthly production capability, and schedules orders so that he has time to make and ship them on time.

Plan Your Trade Show Marketing Schedule

Stay in touch on an ongoing basis through direct mail, email, social media and phone calls.

Your Power as an Entrepreneur

You have an enormous amount of power as a business owner, including the right to say “No” to those things that don’t work for you.

How the 80/20 Rule Can Help Your Business

If you’re engaged in selling handmade work, it’s good to know where your business is coming from. This rule of thumb shares some insightful information.

Should You Wholesale Your Work or Not?

When might wholesaling not be a good idea? Let’s look at some scenarios:

Build Your Customer Prospect List

Want to sell your work wholesale to galleries and shops? Here’s how to create a list of suitable prospects.

Gallery Relationships 101

Evaluate the relationships you have with your current customer base, and consider ways that you might reach out to make your partnerships even stronger.