Artist Profile: Nellie Rose

While creating rurally in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, I get to work with and supply inspiring gallery and shop owners who promote and sell American made fine craft/art.

When Wholesale Customers Don’t Buy

You just know the gallery would be a perfect place for your handmade line. You’ve checked them out, you’ve spoken to the buyer, and you’re dying for that opening order.

Starting Local

Many artists start out in a local venue because it’s close, easy to do, and likely less expensive than shows that require traveling.

How an Artist Embraced Her Business Side

She understands the value of these customers because of the great potential of repeat orders and long-term potential of lasting business relationships.

Sales Aids for Artists

Planning to market and sell more of your work? Consider using these “sales aids” that help to share your collection in versatile ways.

6 Ways to Increase Business with Your Existing Gallery Accounts

When your work sells well, these additional pieces might just belong in their store, too.

The Benefits of Wholesaling

Your stable of wholesale accounts is one of the biggest assets of your small business.

Is Wholesaling the Same as Discounting?

Think about your current retail prices. What you are charging right now is likely too low for your handmade work.

DIY Wholesaling – Part Three

Those existing wholesale customers will need new designs and products from you regularly, because their own retail customers love to see and buy new things.

Full Time Artist

Fascinating crossroads have transformed my world with an influx of empowering choices so that my original dreams can flourish.