What is the Value of a New Account?

Some accounts are clearly more valuable than others, and it can make a difference where they come from.

7 Steps to Growing Your Art Business in the New Year

Create a plan. What is your priority for this upcoming year? What markets do you want to reach?

Shipping to Retailers? Put These in the Box

Don’t forget to include these extras to help your retailers sell, and become more valuable in their eyes.

The Importance of Sell-Through

Actually it is “sell-through” that determines whether your wholesale accounts reorder, and what they reorder.

You Control Your Art Business

In our workshops, artists sometimes ask “Do I have to offer everything I make at wholesale?” The answer is a resounding “No.”

Craft Studio becomes Big Business

Much of Campbell Pottery’s production work uses a stunning blue glaze which Bill developed years ago, and has become a hallmark of their brand.

10 Ways to Sell Your Art or Craft Work

Artists and craftspeople starting or building a business have lots of options, and ways to create multiple streams of income.

Wholesale Made Easier

I recently received a frantic phone call from an artist who had just gotten juried into a show that would have wholesale buyers attend for one day before the retail show begins.

Increase Stability and Profitability in Your Wholesale Business

When you sell to a variety of wholesale customers, you are less susceptible to being dramatically affected by the loss of any one account.

Retail vs. Wholesale

The beauty of selling in both the retail and wholesale worlds is that they work so well together.