How to Handle Rejection

Being rejected doesn’t mean that you have failed.

State Your Terms

Terms are usually stated in writing on your Wholesale Order Form, but should also be listed on your website for the benefit of your wholesale customers.

Keep Your Jewelry Business Thriving

How can you get an edge in building your jewelry business? Use these tips to help plan your product and marketing strategies, and grow your sales.

Do You Need a Line Sheet?

If you have a collection of work you want to sell to galleries, museum stores, gift shops and other retailers, you will need a “line sheet” which displays your designs for ease in ordering.

What’s Your Customer IQ?

The best partnership you can make is to sell to stores where your collection fits in perfectly.

Are You Ready to Hire Help for Your Art Business?

Hiring help for your business can be advantageous in overcoming the isolation that many artists feel when they work alone in their studios.

Growing Your Small Business

As an entrepreneur, though, you have to wear a lot of hats, which can become overwhelming. Consider whether you can hand over some of the work to another person.

Artist as Salesperson

Face-to-face selling get the most honest feedback.

Why You’re Not Getting Reorders (and What to Do About It)

Reorders are crucial to small businesses that wholesale, because repeat business builds business. Unfortunately, many artists and craftspeople don’t write as many reorders as they could, and that means dollars are left on the table.

Are Minimum Orders Important?

Should artists and craftspeople set a required minimum opening order for wholesale customers? We say “Yes” and here’s why: