15 Point Checklist for a Successful New Year

It’s the end of the calendar year, and sales may be slowing down – but there is plenty to do to prepare for 2014 to be your best year ever!

Is It Time to Hire a Rep?

As an artist wholesaling your collection, this could be a great time to speak with reps about representing your line.

Exhibitor-Friendly Wholesaling

My best advice is twofold: (1) create a budget that includes a comprehensive marketing plan (pre-show, at-show and post-show) and (2) have realistic expectations.

5 Ways Artists Can Sell Wholesale

One thing buyers are looking for is something new to offer their customers.

Getting Into Production

When taking wholesale orders at a trade show, online, through a rep, or directly from the buyer, make sure you organize them by delivery date and create a production schedule so that you can plan your time.

Starting out on the Right Foot with Your Left Brain, Part 2

So the Start-up Kit is essential. Sending this information ahead of the first shipment can set up my new retail partner with something to share and the smart ones use it to get their clients crazy with anticipation of that shipment.

Think Like Your Customer

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to understand how they feel, what is making them hesitate to buy, and what you can offer to resolve this problem.

Pricing for Profit and Perceived Value

Pricing your work at wholesale realistically means that you make a profit – not that you break even.

When to Say NO to a Sale

There are many scenarios where you may choose not to go through with that sale, order or contract. Sometimes artists are so eager to sell their work that they ignore red flags. If something seems too good to be true – it probably is.

10 Tips for Merchandising

You will sell more when you display items accessibly, and encourage both retail customers and wholesale buyers to handle the merchandise.