Art as Product

Once you step across the line and decide to sell your work, you enter the world of commerce

Reviving Old Accounts

If some accounts have fallen away, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t order again.

The Truth About Wholesale Pricing

The practice of not discounting to a true wholesale price puts you in direct competition with your retailers when you are selling to the public, but at an unfair advantage.

7 Ways to Sell One-of-a-Kind Items Wholesale

While selling one-of-a-kind works at wholesale certainly isn’t impossible, it is more time-consuming, so price your work accordingly. If you choose to sell this way, you have a number of options

10-Point Artist Checklist for Fourth Quarter

Max out your current sales opportunities, and plan for a big year in 2013!

Why Selling Wholesale is a Solid Working Model for Artists

Stabilize your small business with lower risk and strong gallery relationships.

What Artists Can Learn from the Giftware Business

It can be helpful for artists to understand how those manufacturers think, and how they promote their lines to your buyers.

Top 5 Traits of Successful Artists

How many of these traits describe you?

Checklist for Wholesale Show Success

The average sale is closed after five contacts with the prospect. Make a plan to take advantage of sales opportunities long after your wholesale trade show.

How to Get Juried In: Retail and Wholesale Shows

Your job is to submit such an impressive package that you are a “must-have” for the show.