Partnering With a Gallery to Explore Market Readiness

Once they have decided that they are willing to try your product, make sure you have a good agreement in writing about how the sales price will be split, and how often you will be paid.

New Studio Solution Helps Artists Leverage Designs

Available in 39″ and 57″ widths, and affordable priced at around $2,000, they can be used in-house, producing fabric that can be made into clothing, scarves, accessories, pillows or other products.

Make Your Studio More Efficient

Rather than trying to do everything yourself, it makes good financial sense to hand over some of the work to others.

Advice from a Successful Production Artist

Matt keeps a production calendar. He knows his monthly production capability, and schedules orders so that he has time to make and ship them on time.

Your Power as an Entrepreneur

You have an enormous amount of power as a business owner, including the right to say “No” to those things that don’t work for you.

Do You Take Breaks from Your Art Business?

Is your art business a primary focus, every day? Or do you take vacation days to get away and recharge?     Recently, the Boston Globe printed an article about the growing trend of Millenials working every day, even when on vacation. This behavior has grown in the last few years, and stems from a […]

Artist Profile: Nellie Rose

While creating rurally in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, I get to work with and supply inspiring gallery and shop owners who promote and sell American made fine craft/art.

Too Busy? When to Delegate

Does the thought of spending that amount of your work time outside of the studio feel overwhelming?

Craft Studio becomes Big Business

Much of Campbell Pottery’s production work uses a stunning blue glaze which Bill developed years ago, and has become a hallmark of their brand.

Sharing an Artist’s Spirit

While this documentary will resonate with artists of all kinds, and potters in particular, it is not just for artists.