10 Quick Tips to Organizing Your Studio

It’s time to take a stand against clutter! And free your mind to create in a blank canvas of organized space.

Keep Your Jewelry Business Thriving

How can you get an edge in building your jewelry business? Use these tips to help plan your product and marketing strategies, and grow your sales.

Why Wholesaling Works

Wholesaling works because it is based on repeat business. This is the engine that builds your business, and that leverages your time.

Are You Ready to Hire Help for Your Art Business?

Hiring help for your business can be advantageous in overcoming the isolation that many artists feel when they work alone in their studios.

Is 3D Printing the Future for Artists?

Although presently used by “first adapters”, 3D printing is estimated to be widely in use in the mass market within a few years.

15 Point Checklist for a Successful New Year

It’s the end of the calendar year, and sales may be slowing down – but there is plenty to do to prepare for 2014 to be your best year ever!

Getting Into Production

When taking wholesale orders at a trade show, online, through a rep, or directly from the buyer, make sure you organize them by delivery date and create a production schedule so that you can plan your time.

Starting a Production Studio

Your production studio will need space, and enough of it to be able to work effectively without tripping over yourself.