Pledge Your Support for American Craft Week

Volunteers from American Craft Week reach out to gain traction from the tourism industry.




American Craft Week 2013 may have just ended, but the staff putting forth the time and energy to publicize handcrafted goods all over the country are ramping up already for 2014 – and they are asking your assistance by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign.

Pledges in any amount will be appreciated,” says co-chair Diane Sulg, “We’re not looking for people to contribute their grocery money; a little coffee money would be good, though. Please show your support for American Craft.”

Responding to a question about the focus of this Kickstarter project she says, “This year, what surprised us is the number of people interested in American Craft Week from a cultural tourism perspective. New York Now asked me to write something that any shopkeeper could use. I wrote about why people should stock locally made items and why people wanted to buy them – and how this could become a significant part of their business.

This exposure led to my being contacted by the Commerce Department. They know that the biggest thing foreigners want when they come to this country is something that is made here.

They encouraged us to emphasize the cultural tourism aspect of American Craft Week. Communities all over the United States are creating tourist events, and these are working. We really see the potential of reaching out in this way.

Hence, our Kickstarter project is geared toward reaching this audience. The materials produced through with these funds will be used to reach out to arts councils, arts districts, visitors bureaus and tourism departments throughout the country.”

This Kickstarter campaign runs through Monday, November 18th. Organizers are hoping to exceed their goal of $3,000.00 so that they can contact even more organizations with their message. Monies raised will pay for graphic design, printing and postage costs for their outreach efforts.


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  1. Heather Lawless says:

    Thanks for spreading the word, ABI! I’m a backer of this American Craft Week Kickstarter campaign because I support the work of independent artists in the United States. Raising awareness of skilled craftsmanship through cultural tourism will have a direct positive affect on the livelihoods of artists all over the country. We all have to do our part to support our creative economy and keep great thinkers and makers prospering!

  2. Your support of the American Craft Week Kickstarter campaign is much appreciated! I’m also a backer of this campaign am very happy that you are assisting in spreading the word about our American craft artists whose creativity truly enriches our lives and has a significant impact on local economies.

  3. When American Craft Week began 4 years ago it changed the way small businesses (galleries, individual artists, studio groups, etc) can get the word out about themselves and what they do. By participating in ACW we are all able to join together across the USA to have a voice that is loud enough to be heard. Individually we could never reach the whole country, but together we are doing it! More and more regions are participating and folks are realizing this is a great way to promote visitors coming to their town or city. If you support building our national economy and selling more artisan made products then the ACW Kickstarter campaign is a great way to help!

  4. Thank you for posting about American Craft Week and the current Kickstarter on your blog! I have been a proud participant in American Craft Week over the past four years and was happy to back this Kickstarter! I value handmade work and local artists regularly. I appreciate what ABI does to support working artists with the tools they need to succeed! Thanks again for spreading the word!

  5. Just a quick note to thank you for your support of the annual American Craft Week and for encouraging everyone to contribute to the ACW Kickstarter campaign. More than 1,000 separate craft activities were held under the banner of American Craft Week this year. We’d certainly like to see that number expand next year as it helps people around the world focus on American-made craft.and can be a real boost to a local economy. Thanks, too to ABI for your good work!

  6. Kim Megginson says:

    Thanks ABI for helping to spread the word! As a participant in American Craft Week for the past four years and a backer of the Kickstarter campaign I think it’s important that we all pull together on this one. Thanks for your help!

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