E-Course: Guide to Marketing

The Arts Business Institute presents the

Guide to Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople


Do you want to …

Launch your art or craft business into a full-time profitable enterprise?

Sell your work on an ongoing basis to galleries as well as retail customers?

Create a recognizable brand for your work that drives website traffic and repeat sales?


For 16 years, The Arts Business Institute has given in-person workshops to thousands of artists and craftspeople just like you.

Our nationally-known faculty of experts teaches creative entrepreneurs how the art and craft business works, how to avoid the biggest mistakes, and specific strategies to develop your line, display it, price it correctly, and market it effectively. Some of our in-person workshops even offer personal critiques and an up-close look at the wholesale marketplace with a tour of a real event.

ABI is now offering a course in Marketing which you can take individually, or as an addition to our workshops. Our seven-part course is easily accessible online from your own laptop or home computer. It is self-paced and interactive, with videos, worksheets, templates and self-evaluations in every chapter.

Refer to this course often as you develop a marketing plan that builds awareness of your brand and products, and increases your sales.


I’ve worked with artists for 30 years, helping them to develop thriving and profitable businesses. Understanding how to market and sell your handmade work is vital to any artist’s growth. I am thrilled to endorse, and contribute to this E-course in Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople, and to highly recommend it to anyone wanting to launch or build their creative business.

Wendy Rosen

Founder, Buyers Market of American Craft; Publisher, American Style and Niche Magazines; Founder, American Made Alliance

This comprehensive course includes:

Business Basics

Without these two crucial basics, your art business is likely to fail. What you must know to get connected, and get support, as an entreprenuer.

Product Development

Designing a cohesive collection that sells, and understanding how to make a connection with your target customers. How to spread your price points to capture more market share for your business. Why adding value to your work is so essential – and how to do it.

Pricing for Profitability

A pricing formula that works. What is profit and why do you need it? The straight story on what retail markup REALLY is. Plus, how to price fine art.

Building Your Brand

What is a brand and why is it important? Your images, your message – and a brand checklist.

Understanding your Buyer and Your Market

Focused exercises on targeting your ideal customer and creating a profile. Defining your Unique Selling Proposition. Why appealing to a niche may be a super smart move for your business. Five ways to make an emotional connection through your work. Why themes work and how you can use them to your advantage.

Your Marketing Budget & Plan

What to spend in terms of time and money; a 9-step overall marketing plan; understanding how marketing has changed. How to create a marketing calendar you can stick with – and why you need one. Trade show marketing schedule; and marketing campaign checklist.

The Psychology of Selling

Five important triggers that lead buyers to make a purchase, and how you can use each one to sell more of your work. Understanding how to sell benefits, and how partnerships can enhance your sales.

Your Website & Social Media

Essentials for creating an art website, and using it to publicize, network and sell more work. Extensive focus on social media; using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest with specific instructions on how to maximize your influence – with tons of links to learn even more!

Traditional and New Marketing Techniques

From direct mail to QR codes, email marketing, blogging, advertising, brochures, line sheets, signage, and more … how to layer your marketing effectively using multiple methods. Plus, 35 additional creative ways to market your work!

Getting Publicity

Press kits and releases, getting exposure on television and radio, landing interviews, product placement in publications, even celebrity endorsements! Tons of ideas, plus specific instructions on getting the word out …

Networking Strategies to Drive Referral Business

How to get referral business/Using testimonials to close more sales; forming strategic partnerships and networking with other businesses to grow your base.

Prospecting for Wholesale Accounts & Getting Representation

How to directly approach galleries and shops as wholesale accounts. Strategies for getting the right leads that fit your business. Sales reps, artist agents, corporate art consultants, licensing agents and more – what they do and how you can work with them.

Plus … Case studies on how successful artists did it, instructional videos, downloadable templates, worksheets and self-evaluations, Hot Tips for your business and more than 200 links to resources! A total of 133 pages loaded with all the information you need to launch profitable marketing campaigns and create multiple streams of income for your growing business.


This course has changed my business, and I’m jumping back in to what feels like a whole new ballgame. I’ve read countless books and online articles about how to make a living doing what I love, but this course has offered me more hope and excitement than all the previous materials combined. I was at such a low point in my business and had actually considered giving it all up to go back to office work. No way, Sister–I’m going for it! From the absolute bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!    – Cathy Picone, Fiber Artist


Do you struggle with promoting yourself and your work?

Are you unsure of how a marketing plan works, and all the possibilities you have for reaching out to prospects?

Do you need comprehensive information on how to use social media to connect with potential buyers online?

Here’s the first step to taking your art or craft business to a higher level – a professional level. Click below to get access and start selling more work.


Click the button below to place your order, and you will receive a link to get started now!



This was the perfect course for helping me plan out all the things I need to do to get to the next level. It gave me
ideas I would never have had on my own.  – John Tozzi, Galleria DiGiani Jewelry

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