Success Stories

The way I thought about my jewelry business changed when I attended an ABI workshop. Each ​presentation ​gave me important insights into ​how I could ​​improve my business. The largest change for me was the boost in confidence that ABI gave me. ​This confidence is still paying dividends, as one of my pieces, has been accepted into an exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art!​. ​

Kim Dailey at the lathe

I highly recommend the Arts Business Institute to anyone who is trying to find their way in the art and/or craft business. To this day, ABI still ranks as some of the best money that I have ever spent in my business – Kim Dailey, Woodworker

Artist Anne Hempel

The breadth and depth of pertinent information covered in the ABI workshop was exactly what I needed to grow my business. The program was well-paced and the teachers were friendly, knowledgeable and spot-on. –Anne Hampel

Wendy Rosen coached me from the outset on my product line, and how to best Interact with brick and mortar stores. I still recall how she told me to build on what I was best at, making small sliding dovetail boxes. She has done the same for many of my friends in the industry and for that we are all thankful.

The ABI workshop opened up a whole new world for me and let me know artists could be successful. There is a way to do business as an artist and I learned how to do that in the workshop. It changed my thinking and I was able to quit my mob and become a full-time artist. Thanks! –JJ Jacobs

My ABI workshop was well worth the investment of time and money! It provides valuable tools to help take your business to the next level. I opted for a private consultation along with the course, which was especially helpful. – Rebecca Williams, Artist

The Arts Business Institute seminar I attended this weekend provided a wealth of useful information, and Wendy was a highly engaging and effective speaker. I am hugely grateful to Wendy and the Arts Business Institute for giving me clear steps for growing my art business!

Since attending the ABI workshop, I’ve implemented what I learned and my business took off. It was one of the best business decisions I’ve made and I recommend it to anyone looking for those “how” to get started answers –Jake Pheifer

I just graduated from an ABI workshop and learned more than I thought my brain could process. I got home on Saturday and on Monday I landed my first wholesale account. Thank you! –Susan Garman

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