LinkedIn Tips for Artists is the network for serious professionals, and has a lot of potential for artists who are building their businesses.

6 Steps to Managing Your Business Expectations

Nobody else has the same desires, financial and family situations, talents and background that you do. Evaluate what you expect and what you need to be happy and satisfied with your creative business.

Hot Marketing Trends for Your Art Business

Interacting with your customers to get real time reaction and input is a fast growing trend.

Artists and Collaboration

What are the standards for collaboration? Who gets the credit for the art? Does quality and artistic vision suffer when combined with conflicting viewpoints?

How to Sell Your Artwork – Licensing

Artists who license must understand the proper formats to use, how to submit their work, and the details of licensing contracts.

Why Cause Marketing Really Works

Creatives can add value to their work through words, sharing their stories, smart presentation and packaging – and also through connecting themselves with causes that they care about, and that their prospective customers care about also.

Artist Profile: Molly McGrath

People seem to love the detail and precision that can be achieved by a laser cutter. Also, I try to do new things with every collection – changing up the concept, materials, and technique

On Purpose Creative Entrepreneurship

You want to be a self-employed artist or craftsperson, but maybe you don’t know where to start.

10 Things to Do When Your Art Business is Slow

How can you make the best use of slow periods in your art business? Here are 10 ways to get value from the downtime.

What’s Better for Your Art Business – Wholesale or Retail Shows?

Quite often, a blend of retail and wholesale works to accentuate the positive aspects of each method of selling.