Artist as Businessperson

If you have a background in business prior to becoming an entrepreneur, your odds of making it in an art or craft business are significantly higher.

What Makes Wholesale Buyers Tick

Although wholesale buyers might be a mystery to many artists and craftspeople, they actually have many of the same concerns you do.

Finding a Fashionable Niche

My fans are women and men who just adore shoes – that’s the best way I can describe it. They love what I’m doing because I represent the shoe in a way that can last forever in their home.

Selling Art to the Funerary Market

The artists we spoke with for this article both expressed how honored they are to work with grieving families.

Promote Your Art with a Lookbook

Lookbooks include a collection of photographic images packaged to present an artist’s brand and their designs.

How Artists Can Use a Vision Board

Creating your own vision board can help you identify and clarify what you want to create for your own business and your art career.

10 Essentials for Launching and Growing Your Art Business

It can be confusing and frustrating trying to be successful if you don’t get organized and start thinking like a businessperson as well as a creative spirit.

Pinterest Poll

The jury may still be out, but Pinterest is fun and addictive. It’s fascinating to see how this young company will evolve, how they will become profitable.

7 Ways to Design for New Markets

Radical redevelopment of your product line isn’t necessary – keep your bestsellers, and make subtle improvements. Then, watch the market response.

Design Your Line

Your sensibility as an artist informs the way you design and develop a product. Use your interests and what you love as seeds for your inspiration.