What Do Galleries Want?

What you may not realize is that many of these retailers got their start in the business as working artists themselves. They understand your challenges.

Artist Profile: Mary DeMarco

An explosion of business put LaContessa products in the jewelry cases of many major retailers. At one time, they had at least twenty sales reps selling their line to stores throughout the country. They decided to open their own retail store in 1993, and “LaTerra” was born.

Developing a Dynamic Product Line

A signature style and a cohesive body of work are necessary for marketing and connecting with buyer of all types.

So You Want to Open an Art Gallery?

It may sound counterintuitive in a tough economy, but now may be the perfect time to jump in and open an art gallery.     The recession has taken its toll on some of the best retail locations in the country, and landlords are ready to grab any rental opportunity that will fill space and […]

How to Qualify Your Customers

Experienced salespeople in every industry (and that includes artists and craftspeople) know that in order to start the sales process, it’s necessary to “qualify” the prospect first. This means gathering information which tells you whether they are in the position to do business with you.

Why They Buy

What’s growing in importance to shoppers today? Spending and supporting local businesses. As our world grows more and more global, we all need that connection to home.

How to Use Trends to Increase Your Art Sales

Art, craft, furnishings, clothing, and other products artists create are subject to market trends. Trends rise, evolve and mature over time, and may last for long periods.

Artist Profile: Amy Meya

I think the most surprising thing I found was that it was actually a viable way of making a living as an artist. I was skeptical at first because I know a lot of artists who do the art fair circuit, and can’t wrap their head around how wholesale works.

Moving from Consignment to Purchase

By Wendy Rosen Years ago, most galleries relied on the “consignment” business model… today as artists leverage low production, exclusivity and high demand, things are very different.  As an artist you need to devise art gallery relationships that have mutual risk, and mutual reward.  Converting from consignment to purchase might take time… but it’s a […]

Understanding Profit in Your Art Business

By Wendy Rosen You won’t survive without profit!  Too many artists think that profit is that stuff that’s left over after you’ve paid for materials, and maybe the booth fee.  Another group believes that profit is the money you pay yourself. Profit is the money you’ll use to grow your business, think of profit as […]