Is Depression Causing Your Creative Block?

Even if you love what you do and want to do something creative, if you are depressed, you may not be able to do anything.

Artist: Lisa Farrell

I absolutely love silver…Silver is soft, polishes brilliantly and takes a patina beautifully. I add accents to my pieces with new gold (red brass) and I use thin gold sheet which I apply to the silver using a technique called keum boo.

Artist: Misty Maynard

I enjoy working with glass because it is so versatile. There are so many variations and techniques that the medium continues to offer new learning opportunities. It is an art form that allows you to continually evolve as an artist.

Designing A Collection that Will Sell

Basic forms and shapes, and simple handmade pieces don’t have that important signature look, and their perceived value is lower than more complex, unusual pieces.

6 Tips for Artists & Makers Who Want More Publicity

Make it easy for your network partners to spread the word for you

Can I Turn My Hobby into a Business?

If you are a hobbyist who wants to make money, you must either hire someone to be the business side of your brain, or you must become a business owner yourself.

Building a Handmade Business with Limited Time

Make sure that every day is planned in advance, and that each hour devoted to your business has a specific purpose.

Artist Profile: Natalie Sakurai

I’m fascinated by the ability of social media to connect us and isolate us at the same time.

Design What You Love

The perfect balance for a handmade business is to love what you do, and have plenty of customers who wish to buy from you.

How Many Ways Can You Sell Your Art?

Artists can combine methods of selling to create different income streams that complement each other, thus smoothing over hills and valleys in revenue that can happen with only one method of earning.