The Secret to Selling Art

What else do you do to sell your art?

Artist Profile: Leslie Codina

Once I figured where the best locations and shows were for my artwork, everything started to become smoother and more clear.

Finding a Fashionable Niche

My fans are women and men who just adore shoes – that’s the best way I can describe it. They love what I’m doing because I represent the shoe in a way that can last forever in their home.

Design Your Line

Your sensibility as an artist informs the way you design and develop a product. Use your interests and what you love as seeds for your inspiration.

Branching Out Beyond Etsy

Moving beyond Etsy means that you are serious and committed to the hard work of building a career with your handmade work. Essential to that is a full understanding of the business end.

Retail Art Fairs vs Wholesale Shows

Are you selling your work at half-price? Probably not. If you select only the “better” art fairs you’ll be able to increase your retail prices. Most artists at “average” retail fairs are already selling at wholesale!

Attracting Customers to Your Trade Show Booth

By Wendy Rosen At any wholesale craft market, gift show or trade show event you have just 3 seconds to grab the attention of a buyer.  There are several “tricks of the trade” to draw potential new customers to your great artwork… some are obvious, others are covert.  Here are just some of the secrets […]