Use Rejection as a Catalyst for Change

What can you do when it seems like nothing is working? Dive into those rejections and see what happened.

Artist Profile: Moira Donohoe

When I am in a place with which I am intimate, what flows from brush to canvas is an inner visual recording.

The Business of Illustration

Illustration is everywhere, and limited only by the imagination.

Artist Profile: Karrie Ross

To find my emotional balance, I started exploring the movement of process art, and of letting-go, the purest action of flowing of iridescent paint, where you don’t know what it will look like until it dries.

Artist Profile: Elise Pittelman

The resourcefulness and creativity of each and every one of the Jamaicans that I met moved me to want to capture it all on canvas as best I could.

Way Out West

The American West inspires me, because it is still one of the places where history is part of our everyday life.

Artist Profile: Sylvia Brestel

My work is typically wet felted and I often embellish with needle felting.

Artist Profile: Sudie Rakusin

I began to create images that revealed a unique world of my making, a world where nature is treated with deference, where women and animals live out their own purpose.

The Problem with Donating Artwork

There are options other than simply handing over more of your art for yet another event.

Artist Profile: Michelle Louis

My work is the outcome of deep affinity to the environment. It unintentionally resonates with places, seasonal patterns, dynamic forces and changes.