Don’t Forget Your Follow Ups

Repeat business builds business, and people who have bought from you already are easier to sell than new customers.

Artist Profile: Marie Josette Wearable Art

Not only do we work independently from our own studios; but, when we begin a new body of work, nothing is discussed other than how many new pieces, deadlines, and if there is a theme. Otherwise, we let each other do what they do best

Open Studio Tour Creates Big Opportunities

Having an open studio is a great opportunity to build your mailing list, and get used to talking about your art

Marketing to Millennials

The so-called “First Wave Millennials” are now between 18 and 29 years old, and represent about 25% of the US population. Their purchasing power is estimated at more than $200 billion, and they influence as much as half the spending in our economy today.

Artist Profile: Amy Flynn

I’d been making these funny little robots for my own amusement out of junk in our basement. My darling husband said “Why don’t you take a few weeks off until things pick back up (little did we know!) and make some robots?

Plan a Wildly Successful Open Studio Event or Arts Walk

Event promotion has come a long way from mailing postcards and plastering paper flyers all over town. There are many other ways to get out the word and make your event a smashing success. Many of them are free.

Art Marketing: Past, Present, Future

Today collectors search for artists. For the first time in history, the marketplace is reversed. In addition to this, for the first time, artists have the tools to seek out collectors with very specific interests.

Who are your Customers and Art Collectors?

By Wendy Rosen All too often it’s no about how much is in the wallet of your customer, it’s about what’s in their head and heart.  Learn how to identify and track the demographics, psychographics, and lifestyle choices of your customers …and learn how to grow that customer base.