How to Sell Your Artwork – Art Galleries & Agents

Many artists find that learning how to be in business and doing the marketing and sales themselves is the best path for them.

So You Want to Open an Art Gallery?

It may sound counterintuitive in a tough economy, but now may be the perfect time to jump in and open an art gallery.     The recession has taken its toll on some of the best retail locations in the country, and landlords are ready to grab any rental opportunity that will fill space and […]

Moving from Consignment to Purchase

By Wendy Rosen Years ago, most galleries relied on the “consignment” business model… today as artists leverage low production, exclusivity and high demand, things are very different.  As an artist you need to devise art gallery relationships that have mutual risk, and mutual reward.  Converting from consignment to purchase might take time… but it’s a […]

Brand Appeal for your Artwork

By Wendy Rosen How do you leverage your brand to increase sales?  Your artwork needs to have it’s own unique voice, and to express your own visual signature, to share your unique message.

Growing your Craft Business

It’s never been a better time to start a business selling handcrafted “Made in America” or “Made in Canada” works!

Art Studio Start-Up. What is Overhead Expense?