How to Choose the Right Art Festival

Exhibiting at fairs and festivals has long been a primary way for artists and makers to get out in front of the public and sell their work.

Artist Profile: Bettina Magarill Pressman

Her original collection included sterling silver and freshwater pearls, with a flowing signature look that has great feminine appeal.

Artist Profile: Molly McGrath

People seem to love the detail and precision that can be achieved by a laser cutter. Also, I try to do new things with every collection – changing up the concept, materials, and technique

Which Art Shows are Right for You?

Exhibitors complain that shows and fairs are changing, standards may be lowered, and that venues once producing high sales have slumped.

Adding Value to your Artwork

Does your artwork speak for itself? Probably not! Every object, product or work of art needs a little help translating your message to a potential customer.

Understanding Cost of Sale for Artists

While travel expenses are obvious, there are hidden expenses that few artists count. Time out of the studio is one often neglected item.

Retail Art Fairs vs Wholesale Shows

Are you selling your work at half-price? Probably not. If you select only the “better” art fairs you’ll be able to increase your retail prices. Most artists at “average” retail fairs are already selling at wholesale!

Keeping Track of your Customers by Wendy Rosen