Artist Profile: Jason Nelson

I’d like to be more prolific, and to explore new ways to symbolize complex concepts such as infinity, eternity and universal harmony

Artist Profile: Carl Hoffner

I cannot stress enough that in order to succeed, an artist must get out of their studio and learn the fundamentals of selling.

How to Sell Your Artwork – Art Galleries & Agents

Many artists find that learning how to be in business and doing the marketing and sales themselves is the best path for them.

Dealing with Returns

It’s a great way to build confidence in new buyers and offer them peace of mind that your stand by your work – and can really boost new opening orders.

In Art, Words Matter

Ever walk through an abstract art exhibit, looking at the titles of each painting or sculpture to tell you more about what the artist intended?

Artist Profile: Francy Blumhagen

Most people who buy Salmonberry Studio notecards do frame them, realizing they are actually small pieces of art.

Partner with Your Galleries

Times have changed. Competition is stiff, and running a gallery becomes more expensive all the time. Successful artists know that they need to provide more than just merchandise to their gallery customers

What Do Galleries Want?

What you may not realize is that many of these retailers got their start in the business as working artists themselves. They understand your challenges.

So You Want to Open an Art Gallery?

It may sound counterintuitive in a tough economy, but now may be the perfect time to jump in and open an art gallery.     The recession has taken its toll on some of the best retail locations in the country, and landlords are ready to grab any rental opportunity that will fill space and […]

Understanding Cost of Sale for Artists

While travel expenses are obvious, there are hidden expenses that few artists count. Time out of the studio is one often neglected item.