Artist Profile: Mary Carol Koester

In the beginning, I took workshops in all things art related– design, color theory, drawing, marbling, calligraphy, book binding.

Dealing with Overwhelm

To make your clear vision a reality for yourself and your business, you must achieve certain goals, and so you must identify and set them.

Artist Profile: Lisa Cottone

While most customers are attracted by the aesthetic of my work, I find that many experience an extra spark of excitement when they learn that my jewelry is inspired by my work as a neuroscientist.

Artist Profile: Jessica Boehman

Though I still vend at fairs and maintain an online retail presence, the lion’s share of my effort is dedicated to becoming a picture book illustrator.

Artist Profile: Helen Rudy

My ideal customer is a high end high quality retailer/ gallery that focuses on modern and contemporary glass and works of art.

Artist Profile: JJ Jacobs

After the Boot Camp ended I went back to my hotel and outlined a business plan on how I would start selling more of my work and how I could ultimately do this on a full-time basis.

Artist Profile: Stacy Simbrom

With all that technology has given us, it has become much more important to keep American Craft alive and thriving as a part of the heritage we leave to our future generations.

Artist Profile: Loretta Lam

But I felt the pull to take my work to a bigger audience. So I signed up for an Arts Business Institute workshop – some of the best money I ever spent on my business.

Artist Profile: Millie Kaufman

The Buyers Market of American Craft opened my business to buyers who appreciated my handmade greeting cards more than the people who attended the small craft fairs where I sold my cards. The buyers looked at my cards as artwork versus just another “run of the mill” greeting card.

Artist Profile: Kim Dailey

One of the things that I learned as a salesmen was that you had to make yourself stand out in order to be remembered. I learned that showing appreciation for my customers for their business made me stand out from my competition.