Designing A Collection that Will Sell

Basic forms and shapes, and simple handmade pieces don’t have that important signature look, and their perceived value is lower than more complex, unusual pieces.

Artist Profile: Bodil Lund

It has given me the opportunity to share my found treasures – organic, colorful, and intentionally imperfect – into meaningful and memorable pieces of art.

Artist Profile: Kent Epler

I do retail shows to test out new work, enjoy the people in the community and return with tested work for wholesale customers.

Exhibitor-Friendly Wholesaling

My best advice is twofold: (1) create a budget that includes a comprehensive marketing plan (pre-show, at-show and post-show) and (2) have realistic expectations.

Artist Profile: Melanie & Justin Mckenney

From farmer’s markets to craft & wholesale trade shows, we have found that the more exposure Vegetabowls get, more opportunities come from that.

Artist Profile: Lisa Cottone

While most customers are attracted by the aesthetic of my work, I find that many experience an extra spark of excitement when they learn that my jewelry is inspired by my work as a neuroscientist.

Artist: Kristen Bangs

I’ve developed a funny little way of making curiously cut wood signs and wall art that reflects my love of color.

Artist Profile: Helen Rudy

My ideal customer is a high end high quality retailer/ gallery that focuses on modern and contemporary glass and works of art.

Artist Profile: Lian Sawires

Not all potential customers are a good fit, but every relationship builds confidence and goodwill.

Artist Profile: The Potters Ltd.

Although saleability is desired for the sculpture pieces, they are generally the product of dancing for our own enjoyment.