Artist Profile: Al Stephens

To accommodate existing accounts, Al now contacts his top customers before each show to let them know that his schedule will be very booked.

Exploring the Buyers Market

Art Fair Insider’s Connie Mettler traveled to Philadelphia to visit the Buyers Market of American Craft. Here’s her video of the experience.

7 Ways to Save on Your Trade Show Costs

Big professional trade shows can seem expensive. Utilize these tips to save money on your next show.

The State of Wholesale Crafts: A Show Director Speaks

Customers are seeking products with substance and a high perceived value. We want heirlooms, not just stuff.

Artist Profile: Gatski Metal

Our work is well suited for restaurants; it makes a big impact and its fun. Metal is also an ideal material for restaurants, it wears very well and can give a space beautiful structure.

Artist Trade Show Booth Designs that Work

Do you have a highly effective booth design that really works? What’s your secret?

Artist Profile: Millie Kaufman

The Buyers Market of American Craft opened my business to buyers who appreciated my handmade greeting cards more than the people who attended the small craft fairs where I sold my cards. The buyers looked at my cards as artwork versus just another “run of the mill” greeting card.

Artist Profile: Mary DeMarco

An explosion of business put LaContessa products in the jewelry cases of many major retailers. At one time, they had at least twenty sales reps selling their line to stores throughout the country. They decided to open their own retail store in 1993, and “LaTerra” was born.

Artist Profile: Roger Wood

Roger Wood of Klockwerks creates handmade one-of-a-kind timepieces. A self-taught artist, Roger developed his line long before Steampunk became popular.

Craft Trade Show Booth Superstars

Want to build your best trade show booth ever? Take a look at these examples of well-conceived booths and why they work.