Artist: Ellen Kantro

Abandoned places and how they came to be abandoned are major influences.

Artist: Susan Connery

While it can be tricky for someone to create a design from scratch, they may already have some special patterns they love and would want to see on a mat.

Pet Portraiture as a Business

These four artists offer commissioned portraits, created in a variety of different styles and mediums that range from whimsical to realistic, that suit every taste and preference

Artist: Sandy Feder

My own workshop has a very large glass kiln and I have access to larger equipment if the custom glass will be larger than my current capacity

Artist Profile: Daren Pitts Redman

I also am an Indiana Artisan and we have a trade show each year where I sell my small quilts and hand-dyed fabric purses.

Artist Profile: Demetra Turner

Many people are drawn to my mixed media art because of the color and texture, but upon taking a closer look they discover there is much more to see.

Artist Profile: Sheila Fein

My original portrait series was created in the 80’s at a family reunion at the Mandalay Beach Resort in Oxnard.

Artist Profile: Sherri Coffey

I still love to weave rugs, but have changed my weaving to make pieces that are more suitable for the wall.

Artist Profile: Sandy Brooks

By transporting art fans back to nature, I hope we rediscover the innocence we have so often lost.

Artist Profile: Christine Alexander

But I believe focusing on custom commissions is 100% about customer service and it makes each piece unique and widely varying.