Artist: Lesley Roos-Gray

My natural leaning is to make items of beauty that can be used rather than just looked at.

Artist Profile: Joe Diemer

They’re fully functional with lots of operating doors, slumped glass trays, and spun copper bowls, but only 1 out of 5 actually put birds in them – most are used as sculpture.

Artist Profile: Sandra Bruce

I am influenced by the painter Chuck Close, whose gridded portraits inspired my Self-Portrait quilt.

Artist Profile: Sara Baker

My mugs seem to be the iconic piece right now–they are pretty, very functional, and very tactile.

Artist Profile: Andrew Madvin

My hot glass studio has state-of-the-art capabilities and we have the ability to take the most challenging and creative commissions.

Artist Profile: Q3 Art

Commission work allows me to create within the framework of others imaginations and needs. It is a chance to offer the monumental as essentially a difference in perspective.