Artist Profile: A Few Good Bananas

We are not afraid to experiment and incorporate all sorts of fibers and textures into our designs.

Handmade Jewelry Collections

ABI invited some artist friends to put together a collection of their jewelry, showing their signature style and inspiration.

Craft Studio becomes Big Business

Much of Campbell Pottery’s production work uses a stunning blue glaze which Bill developed years ago, and has become a hallmark of their brand.

Helping Artists & Creatives Start Businesses

Besides helping our member artists develop business and marketing plans, our board of directors serve as mentors and advisors based on member need.

Artist Profile: Flóra Carlile-Kovács

The big change came when I explored the possibilities of superfine merino wool, and I learned how to combine it with silks and learned how to dye my deep gem colors.

Sharing an Artist’s Spirit

While this documentary will resonate with artists of all kinds, and potters in particular, it is not just for artists.

Increase Stability and Profitability in Your Wholesale Business

When you sell to a variety of wholesale customers, you are less susceptible to being dramatically affected by the loss of any one account.

10 Quick Tips to Organizing Your Studio

It’s time to take a stand against clutter! And free your mind to create in a blank canvas of organized space.

Artist Profile: Dermot O’Brien

Because I can only mount the bulbs after all the other work is finished, the moment when I turn on the light for the first time is one of joyful suspense

How to Keep Your Sales Steady

It takes between 7 – 10 “touches” for people to remember you. You have to make contact to make sales.