Increase Stability and Profitability in Your Wholesale Business

When you sell to a variety of wholesale customers, you are less susceptible to being dramatically affected by the loss of any one account.

10 Quick Tips to Organizing Your Studio

It’s time to take a stand against clutter! And free your mind to create in a blank canvas of organized space.

Artist Profile: Dermot O’Brien

Because I can only mount the bulbs after all the other work is finished, the moment when I turn on the light for the first time is one of joyful suspense

How to Keep Your Sales Steady

It takes between 7 – 10 “touches” for people to remember you. You have to make contact to make sales.

Design New Product for your Line

It’s a general rule of thumb that 20% of your product will account for 80% of your sales, so be aware of how well every product sells, and move towards what works.

Overcome Your Fear of Pricing

Do you feel comfortable with your prices and your profit? Use these tips to determine your pricing and capture new customers

Are You Ready to Hire Help for Your Art Business?

Hiring help for your business can be advantageous in overcoming the isolation that many artists feel when they work alone in their studios.

Artist as Salesperson

Face-to-face selling get the most honest feedback.

Why You’re Not Getting Reorders (and What to Do About It)

Reorders are crucial to small businesses that wholesale, because repeat business builds business. Unfortunately, many artists and craftspeople don’t write as many reorders as they could, and that means dollars are left on the table.

Trade Show Strategies: Pre-Show Marketing

Are you exhibiting at trade shows this year? Boost your opportunities and sales with these marketing strategies that reach out in advance of the event: