Ring Up the Holiday Sales

The weekend before Thanksgiving, the “CraftArt” festival with over 100 exhibitors takes place on the streets outside the gallery, adding a lot of excitement and drawing crowds who will be buying at the festival and also wander into the gallery for mo

Artist: Fortune Keepers

In the middle of all that craziness I decided to put in an application to New York’s Newest at the New York International Gift Fair (Jan 2011). We heard back in a few days and got in. Hello Wholesale!

Artist Profile: Liz Walberg and Cari Luchau

Liz is known for her stylistic wall collage art and metal wall art, and we carry several of her wall pieces. As a whole, we focus on pottery, jewelry, metal art and gifts suitable for weddings, showers and hostess gifts.

Which Art Shows are Right for You?

Exhibitors complain that shows and fairs are changing, standards may be lowered, and that venues once producing high sales have slumped.

Artist Profile: Cathy Broski

I have been able to explore what I already do, by thinking of smaller and more affordable versions for the gift gallery client, while still producing one of a kind pieces.

Wholesale Start-up for Professional Artists

Introduction to wholesaling your artwork to museum shops, art galleries, jewelry stores and luxury retailers.

History of the American Craft Movement

How did the craft movement grow from hobby craft to the professional craft marketplace? Today there are more than 10,000 retailers selling contemporary American craft art.

Understanding Cost of Sale for Artists

While travel expenses are obvious, there are hidden expenses that few artists count. Time out of the studio is one often neglected item.

Retail Art Fairs vs Wholesale Shows

Are you selling your work at half-price? Probably not. If you select only the “better” art fairs you’ll be able to increase your retail prices. Most artists at “average” retail fairs are already selling at wholesale!

Keeping Track of your Customers by Wendy Rosen