Artist: Lisa Farrell

I absolutely love silver…Silver is soft, polishes brilliantly and takes a patina beautifully. I add accents to my pieces with new gold (red brass) and I use thin gold sheet which I apply to the silver using a technique called keum boo.

Smart Holiday Merchandising Tips

Nancy Markoe displays a large range of handcrafted work from 500 artists in her gallery, in price points to suit any buyer.

Is It Time to Increase Your Prices?

Wholesale buyers will rarely discontinue a good relationship with a vendor because of a price increase.

Artist Profile: Charan Sachar

To make it easier for them, I promote suggesting starter packages which would include my best sellers.

Artist Profile: Sara Baker

My mugs seem to be the iconic piece right now–they are pretty, very functional, and very tactile.

Artist Profile: Maryellen Kim

There are many girls who crochet, and many girls who make jewelry but I combine the two by crocheting or macrameing my necklaces and bracelets.

Artist Profile: Grace Gunning

Collectors have embraced them as a very personal and cherished piece of functional art.

Wholesale Start-up for Professional Artists

Introduction to wholesaling your artwork to museum shops, art galleries, jewelry stores and luxury retailers.

History of the American Craft Movement

How did the craft movement grow from hobby craft to the professional craft marketplace? Today there are more than 10,000 retailers selling contemporary American craft art.

Techniques to Increase Your Artwork Sales

By Wendy Rosen Increasing the sales of your artwork can be a real challenge.  You became an artist because you were observant, creative and had a message to share… now you need to adapt those same skills to learning about how others view and value your artwork.