How to Display Your Handmade Work for Maximum Sales

Have a spectacular piece of high-end work that is perfect as the center of attention? Create a display using it as the star, but with lower-end items around it.

Artist Profile: Beth Gregory

My years in the gallery allowed me to establish a network of contacts with artists, galleries, and the Montana Arts Council.

Starting Local

Many artists start out in a local venue because it’s close, easy to do, and likely less expensive than shows that require traveling.

Is Your Booth Display Good Enough?

Before you leave for the show, set your booth up first and take a look.

Booth Lighting that Works

When designing and setting up a trade show booth, there is little that is more important than including light in your presentation.

Trade Show Prep: Signage

Share exactly what your collection is about by making a statement with your signage.

15 Point Checklist for a Successful New Year

It’s the end of the calendar year, and sales may be slowing down – but there is plenty to do to prepare for 2014 to be your best year ever!

How to Get Rejected Every Time

Submitting your art or craft work to a jury? Here’s how to guarantee your results. Bad ones.

Make Your Booth a Gallery

Both of these trade show booths elegantly allow the art to stand out without distraction or interference from background colors.

How Artists Can Master the Follow Up

With so much competition in the marketplace, artists must do post-show follow up to keep their collection in front of potential wholesale customers.