Artist Profile: Gretchen Diehl

My current professional situation is such a beautiful marriage of circumstances.

Many Reasons to Join a Guild

If you are just starting out, becoming a guild member can give you the help you need to overcome initial challenges and grow your business.

Artist Profile: Terra Cottage

“Words play a huge part in the art,” explains Michael, “in order to make it effective, we need to engage the viewer in as many ways as possible.”

Artist Profile: Daria Salus

My work has become more and more cohesive over the years, as I have focused more on concrete images, and integrated enamel and silver to depict those images.

Artist Profile: Francy Blumhagen

Most people who buy Salmonberry Studio notecards do frame them, realizing they are actually small pieces of art.

Artist Profile: Cindy Pacileo

I have been able to extend my market from traditional galleries and craft shops to include shops with a pet theme, wildlife and nature centers, birding shops, animal rescue shops and museum shops.

How to Qualify Your Customers

Experienced salespeople in every industry (and that includes artists and craftspeople) know that in order to start the sales process, it’s necessary to “qualify” the prospect first. This means gathering information which tells you whether they are in the position to do business with you.

Artist Profile: Matt Bezak

Being flexible is key to working with retailers in this economic climate. So is loyalty. I provide loyalty to my accounts and get loyalty in return.

From Etsy to… Selling Your Art in Galleries & Shops

Wholesaling your work to retail stores and galleries is a natural progression for artists who want to grow their business beyond their experience with an Etsy shop.

Knitwear Designers Tap into Green Market

Using sustainable materials and being sensitive to their impact on the environment determines their product lines and the galleries they work with.