Way Out West

The American West inspires me, because it is still one of the places where history is part of our everyday life.

Artist Profile: Michelle Louis

My work is the outcome of deep affinity to the environment. It unintentionally resonates with places, seasonal patterns, dynamic forces and changes.

Artist Profile: Robin Okun

The layers of material and drawings in my paintings are metaphors for these layers carried in the bo

Artist Profile: Scooter Morris

Through an evolution of style, the paintings became a depiction of abstract landscape, where the viewer feels a certain familiarity of place.

Artist Profile: Deane Bowers

The flaws and imperfections in found objects are what make them so unique and interesting to use. These imperfections aren’t deficiencies, but rather a hidden beauty and a tangible strength.

Artist Profile: Scott Idleman

Thematically, my body of work is about connectivity…Each painting has a unique personality, some gently undulating while others are sharp and rigid to the touch. I encourage my viewers to touch and connect with the feel of the surface.

Artist Profile: Amy Parker

I rediscovered collage as a tactile medium that lent itself to my graphic aesthetic. I began making portraits where I could hide meaningful details in the layers and go crazy with shapes and colors.

Artist Profile: Cherilyn SunRidge

The spiritual element comes when staying true to the “why” of a piece.

Artist Profile: Leslie Hagen

I have always been a fan of dimensional art even though I started out as a painter.

Artist Profile: Cindy Biles

When I returned to art I wanted to create narrative work that evokes memories and emotions. My figurative sculptures are representational.