How to Network with Other Artists

One way to get started is to join an art community, local art organization or guild, or other group of artists who are in much the same position and have the same interests.

What You Can Learn from Your Competition

Other artists and makers who are in the same “space” in the market have run into similar problems, and many have found solutions and ways to grow.

Build Your Art Business Locally

The easiest place to sell your work might be right near your home. Use these tips to meet local business people, contacts and collectors.

Artist Profile: Ilisa Millermoon

I’ve been in a long-term love affair with acrylic ink on watercolor paper for the past ten years.

6 Tips for Artists & Makers Who Want More Publicity

Make it easy for your network partners to spread the word for you

A Critical Strategy to Grow Your Creative Business

One of the most critical strategies success in building a small business is developing a network of people who are supportive of you, interested in what you do and who can introduce you to others.

Networking for Artists

Freely give referrals to others without expecting anything in return. As you pay it forward, you will gradually start to see referrals come your way as well.

Build Your Business by Building Your Network

One part of networking is helping others; the other part is receiving their assistance

Should Artists Use LinkedIn?

If you agree that it’s often who you know that can bring results to your business, then this is the place to be.

Artist Profile: Corey Anderson

Since then I have been creating forests of trees in wooden pieces.