Twitter Tips for Artists

Twitter is one of the most popular ways to connect, and it’s easy to get started. Use these tips to make your experience with Twitter fun and more effective.

LinkedIn Tips for Artists is the network for serious professionals, and has a lot of potential for artists who are building their businesses.

How Artists can Cultivate Referrals

Getting referral leads allows you to focus on potential customers who are much more likely to buy.

Buying Hyperlocal

We are pure curators with a social agenda: reviving the connection of the shopper to the seller…

Getting Social with Social Networking

Since the secret of social media is engagement, simply posting links to art you have for sale isn’t going to work. That’s a fast way to get blocked and ignored.

Why Artists Should Have a Blog … or Not

Pros and cons of getting your words, and your work, into the blogosphere.       If you’re reading this article, then you know what a blog is – and you might consider starting one for your own art website. Pros: You can establish a presence in the online community, and attract visitors to read […]

Plan a Wildly Successful Open Studio Event or Arts Walk

Event promotion has come a long way from mailing postcards and plastering paper flyers all over town. There are many other ways to get out the word and make your event a smashing success. Many of them are free.

12 Ways Artists Can Network Effectively

12 ways that artists can network more effectively and gain sales and referrals. This includes in person and online networking techniques.

Starting a Business? Build Your Creative Community

In a world where business competition can seem cutthroat and menacing, the arts community is a refuge. The creative spirit is a generous one, and as a new entrepreneur you will find that other artists will help you learn.