Artist: Scooter Morris

Through an evolution of style, the paintings became a depiction of abstract landscape, where the viewer feels a certain familiarity of place.

Artist Profile: Kelly Stewart

My process is spontaneous which leads to an evolution of line, texture and form.

Artist Profile: Pookie Weatherburn

The contrast of fabric against metal led me to an interest in hand-weaving techniques with wire to make jewelry.

Artist Profile: Tracey McCracken Palmer

I look forward to showing my work in more galleries, and plan to keep creating, always learning and pushing the boundaries of what I can create.

Studio Inspiration

Artists create in many different ways. We took a look inside the studios of some artists who share their inspiration and their work in progress.

Artist Profile: Demetra Turner

Many people are drawn to my mixed media art because of the color and texture, but upon taking a closer look they discover there is much more to see.

Artist Profile: Kate Ford

The process of batik is an ancient one. The use of beeswax as a resist and dyes for colors was used as far back as ancient Egypt, used on mummies.

Artist Profile: Susan Ashley

When you use gourds, antlers, vines, pine needles and leaves, the final design depends a lot on the shape or strength of the materials.

Artist Profile: Robert Haldeman

As for the people who buy my artwork, they are mostly fans and just want to have it to remember a moment of their past.

Artist Profile: Walter Wogee

Making a very great chair that is also comfortable is probably the hardest task for a craftsman.